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New Year, New Financial Possibilities

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Whether you want to start your year off with a strong financial plan, gain a deeper understanding of your credit report, or strategize a long-term savings plan, we can help! Here are just a few free resources we offer to help you meet your financial goals.

  • eCoach Lea: Have you met eCoach Lea yet? One-part friend, one-part chatbot, and all things financial wisdom, GreenPath’s Virtual Financial Coach offers step-by-step advice on debt payoff, long-term savings goals and healthy financial habits.
  • GreenPath Financial Wellness: If you’re looking to pay down debt, manage expenses and save for the future, GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you make it happen. Caring financial wellness experts will provide you with a free assessment and blueprint for how you can achieve your 2024 financial goals.
  • Credit Report tool powered by Savvy Money®: Your credit score is a great indicator of your financial health. With the Credit Report tool, you can receive daily credit score updates that won’t hurt your score. You can check your score as much as you want, review your credit report, learn how to improve your score, and explore opportunities to refinance and save with Educators!
  • Zogo: Zogo is a financial learning app that reinvents the way you learn about money! Complete bite-sized financial lessons, earn pineapples (points), and redeem your pineapples for gift cards!

For even more free resources, visit the Tools & Resources tab on our website.


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