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Voice Banking

Use voice commands to get information about your account.

Voice listening device sits on a table at home

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Getting your account balance, making transfers, and checking due dates is even easier with the Educators Credit Union Action and the Educators Credit Union Alexa Skill! Set it up on your Google Assistant-enabled and Alexa-enabled devices today.

Hands-free access to Educators services

  • Bundle Accounts

    Check Accounts

    Ask about account balances, transaction history and more!

  • Credit Report

    Pay Loans

    Ask to make a payment, or ask for loan history, payment due dates and balances.

  • Document

    Receive Information

    Ask for important account information and transactions to be emailed or texted to you.

  • Plus

    Learn More

    Ask for more information on Educators like routing number, phone number and address.

Here's how it works

You must be enrolled in Online Banking to use the Educators Credit Union Alexa Skill and Google Action. If you are not yet enrolled, please register.

Google Assistant

google assistant

Once you turn on your Google device, view these directions on how to get started.

The Google Assistant can accomplish a lot! So much, we made a whole list. Check out the Action Chart PDF document to see everything the Action can help you with.

Amazon Alexa

amazon alexa

To set up your Educators Credit Union Alexa Skill use this step-by-step PDF tutorial. To learn more about the about the Alexa Skill and how to use Alexa-enabled devices, view this PDF guide.

The Educators Credit Union Alexa skill can do more than transfer funds and check balances. For a full list of skills, view the Alexa Skill PDF chart.

Amazon Alexa Video Tutorials

  • Transferring Funds

    Learn just how simple and easy it is to transfer money between Educators accounts with Amazon Alexa.

  • Checking Balances

    Learn how to check your account balances using just your voice and an Amazon device.

Google Action Video Tutorial

Checking Balances

Learn how to check your account balances with your Google-enabled device.

Educators Credit Union – Google Action